About Winworks

Good Service is Good Business

WINWORKS is a professional and leading installation services company in the Philippines for artificial grasswindow blinds, and retractable awning.

Winworks is a company established to deliver a quality and satisfying installation services to valued customers through our goal-oriented and well-trained team with an almost 9 years of experience in the industry, proven and trusted by numbers of customers!

Our staff

  • Trained to provide high-quality works and good rapport with our clients.
  • Works efficiently under different circumstances.
  • Has depth knowledge about the item variants.


How does our company work?

Winworks do ocular visits and installation services for artificial grass, retractable awning and window blinds for an affordable installation service fee through a systematic scheduling and deals.

Our company furthermore offers the same line of products where we can guarantee that our service teams are experts to accommodate you and your items well.

You can also visit our website at  www.windoway.com.ph to view and find out more about our services and products.


What do we offer

Window Blinds Installation
Artificial Grass Installation
Retractable Awning Installation

Number of Past Projects

Window Blinds
Artificial Grass
Retractable Awning
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